Wednesday, April 28, 2010


No child can escape a Camilla Binks swaddle. I challenge one and all. Bring me your children and I will swaddle them like they've never been swaddled before. New moms and dads always look so frightened when I swaddle their baby. They think I'm going to break some bones or cause some kind of permanent damage. It's okay, calm down. I promise, I will not hurt your baby. They love my swaddles. If they could talk they would call out for me in their little baby voices, "Camilla, come swaddle me! I'm telling ya...

This is Jace, Jacipoo, Jacie, J, Jayjay, Shnookie, Poopers, Little booger, my newest nephew, at our first meeting in the hospital. This is him straight outta the womb all new and fresh. I wanted him swaddled for a pic so I stole a big ole sheet off the rollaway bed and viola! Swaddle magic. He loved it.


Casa Bella said...

Awwwww! So cute!!! I laugh reading your post. Loved it.

Jen Bertoch said...

Oh precious!! I think you should teach a swaddling class! ;) My babies are all swaddler jail breaks! ;)

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