Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My Dear Blog - I've been letting things like naps, cute kids, nice weather and LOST distract me and keep me away from you this past week. Bad Camilla, bad. But I have some things in store for you so don't be mad.

In the midst of all of my distractions I ran outside and snapped a little pic of the blossoms on the tree in my front yard today. While I snapped it started raining. Whooaah, I just heard thunder. El Nino boys and girls. El Nino.

I love spring! It's my 2nd, nope 3rd favorite season. What about you?
Wait...just realized all of my windows are open and it's now pouring. My poor blinds. Gotta go.
TTFN- Camilla


Lacking Productivity said...

I love spring so much...but I hate that we get spring for a week, then another week of winter, then hot hot hot summer. It seems to always go that way (boo!)...and I want more spring!

Nama said...

Lovely texture on this picture! I usually am adversed to texture overlays that end of making photographs look so over processed, but this is so beautiful and subtle. I love it!

Casa Bella said...

Love the picture, so beautiful. Gotta love spring.

Flippy said...

Spring is nice, especially in Southern California. Rain? Whats that?