Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Erica & Jace. Utah Engagement Photographer.

I figured since we were in Vegas and all that we had to stop by the "Welcome to FABULOUS Las Vegas Nevada" sign. I didn't expect to have to stand in line to take a picture though. Funny.
So, due to the ridiculous line we couldn't really do an entire session there (we would've had angry tourists throwing their fanny packs and yard long margaritas at us). But we did snap off a shot or two there before moving on.

Erica left our session with a few blisters on her feet. The culprits:

Thanks Jace and Erica! I am stoked for your wedding day!
If I would've known that my flight was going to be delayed 4 times I would've kept shooting with you through the night! Maybe next time... :)


Ericrazy said...

These pictures turned out so well! Camilla Binks is da bess photographer evah!!! :D

Casa Bella said...

OOOOh! I love this set of pictures! I am going to put a few of the pics on my blog if you don't mind. So nice!!!!!!! Great work.