Thursday, March 4, 2010

Designer and Modest had a Baby

I was married 5 years ago. And back then I would say that we LDS brides were, well, really limited in our choices for wedding gowns. If you wanted a modest gown you really only had one bridal store to hit up and that's it! A lot of my friends actually ended up making their own wedding dresses because that was the only way that they were going to get a gown that was modest and that they were happy with. The dresses we had were okay, don't get me wrong, but they weren't the gowns that you had grown up imagining yourself in. You know, the ones you see in magazines. Atleast they weren't for me.

Well, lucky lucky brides today have so many options now that DESIGNER and MODEST hooked up and had a beautiful little baby girl named ALTA MODA.

Let me tell you a little bit about ALTA MODA. They carry designer gowns; amazing gowns that take your breath away and yes, most of them are sleeveless, BUT Alta Moda can get them for you so that they are temple ready. It's spectacular! I mean, look at these before and after images:

Mmmmm..... I love this gown (below) so very much. It would definatly be "The One" if I could do it over again. Yes gown, I will marry you.

A few words from Alta Moda:

Modest doesn't have to be boring.

Most of the gowns at Alta MODA are easily customizable and can be made temple ready directly though the designer. You can add sleeves, raise a neckline, and redesign a bodice. That means that as your gown is being created, the actual pattern is modified and your gown is made to be modest right from the start. You can get a great couture gown, just the way you need it.

Temple ready gowns made by the best designers. No patchwork. No piecing. No fills. And, most importantly, no cookie cutter!

Now that you know the possibilities, take a look at some of my favorite gowns.

We'll start with my favorite designer, MODEL NOVIAS.

And one super elegant Vera Wang:

What do you think? Is designer the way to go? Are we grateful for options? I know I am, or I would have been! Leave your thoughts and a little love!
XOXO- Camilla


Casa Bella said...

I love, love, love (did I mention love?) the dress on the second pic from the top. I just can't imagine how they can make the sleeves and the neck area to match so beautifully. I love the dresses for Aire Barcelona. They just take my breath away.

Lacking Productivity said...

Ah! Choices!

I so do not do ordinary (heaven's sake, my dress wasn't even white...and by not white, I don't mean cream or eggshell, I mean freaking gold), so I totally ordered my wedding dress online, from INDIA (at a fantastic price point, mind you) and had it custom made there because I could get something unique, modest, and most of all, not from that-one-store-that-is-the-only-one-that-makes-modest-dresses-start-to-finish-without-alterations (the same one that we have all seen WAY TOO MANY dresses from), ya, that one.

I cannot describe to you how many prayers went up to heaven from me begging that the dress was actually being made and that I wasn't being hosed by somebody who had my credit card information and that if/when the dress arrived, that it would fit.

My prayers were answered, it was perfect and fit like a glove, but I wouldn't say too many people can handle that kind of risk when it comes to a wedding dress, so how cool that there is somebody else out there who cares about those of us who don't have arms they want to show off (LDS or not).

Camilla Binks said...

Aire Barcelona is really great. They remind me a lot of Rosa Clara.

Camilla Photography said...

I've seen your gold wedding dress and it knocked my socks off. You looked ridiculously sexy in it. I can't believe you got it from India. You'll have to share the link.

Kayleen T. Photography said...

What they did to the 2nd dress with all the ruffles is freaking amazing! Oh I love's crazy how much my taste in dresses has changed since I got married a couple years ago! haha.

Audrey {+} John said...

That is rad! Those are beautiful! Brides these days are extremely lucky!

Jen said...

Love love the choices now!!! Seriously... I totally bought my dress from 'the place'. These really make me wanna go back and get married again! (to the same guy of course! ;)