Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Derek and Amber. Salt Lake Temple Details. Utah Wedding Photographer.

February 27th. When Derek and Amber booked their wedding with me for this day I imagined my snow boots, ice cold winds, grey clouds, red noses and snot. Not mine of course, I don't make snot, but everyone else involved. But when February 27th rolled around there was not one snow flake or booger to be found anywhere. Instead sunshine and loveliness abounded.

I arrived extremely early as usual and enjoyed my sunshine as I took some detail shots of the Salt Lake Temple.

Doesn't seeing blue skies make you happy?
Derek and Amber's full post will be up shortly. Check back tonight!


Casa Bella said...

I love the details! Can't wait to see the other pics.

Fred LeBlanc said...

Yes ma'am they do! Who doesn't like springtime?

Nama said...

How incredible! And I absolutely love a blue sky. :)