Monday, February 8, 2010

Tip #3. Long Veils.

I am a HUGE fan of a floor length veil, not huge actually, ENORMOUS fan! Chapel, Cathedral, Grand Cathedral, you name it.
For some reason, I haven't had many brides sport the long veils. It's so sad! I just don't understand it ladies. I am writing today to show you what an amazing accessory these gorgeous veils can be and how amazingly awesome they can make your wedding and bridal images. I think if you see them the way I see them you will fall in love.

Check these puppies out and tell me you don't want one-

This first image is from Yervant. My absolute favorite veil photograph of all time.

Maloman Photographers:
Aveena Studios:

These next 5 are from my favorite photographer of all time, Mr Jerry Ghionis. His talent is just ridiculous!

Th next 3 are from Cliff Mautner. One of my top 10 fave photogs.

Probably one of my top 5 fave photogs, Susan Stripling. She is a master of sunsets. All of her images have that warmth to them. Just plain beautiful.

I apologize for all of you ladies that are already married like me and chose to go with a different length veil because I'm sure you now all have veil envy like I do. BUT, I still have my wedding gown and am going to schedule a TTD session for my 10 year anniversary and you better believe I will switch out my old veil for a long one. It'll be my second chance! I can't wait!
And if you're not yet wed, just keep in mind what an important role a veil plays in your wedding photos. No matter what the length, I dare you to be bold with it and make a statement. Whether its a cathedral veil like these, or a fun birdcage or short funky veil. Your wedding images will thank you!


Silvia C said...

They are all so beautiful!!!

Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen said...

Yummy... a floor length veil + 10 year reunion with your wedding duds, count me in :)

I just joined Jerry's Ice Society and he is sickly amazing. I tried to pull off a few of his simple window light getting ready masterpieces...ya, not so simple.