Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two New Albums

I've been meaning to post some shots of these albums I got back in like October but things have been too craaaazy! This week has been a bit calmer than most though so I'm taking advantage.

So, this first album I LOVE! Photos cannot do the cover on this puppy one bit of justice. It needs to be seen first hand. It has a thick acrylic cover with a metallic print. OMGOSH!! It's so shimmery. In an amazing way! 12x18 inches means 12x36 inch spreads. Holy Cow! That's a massive album!

A few of my favorite layouts-

Here's the second album, also from Kyle and Makenzie's wedding.
This one has a textured plexiglass cover and is a 14x14 (so 14x28 inch spreads. Sweet!).
And a few of my fave spreads from this one:

I always throw in at least one full bleed spread. I love the look.


Susana said...

maravilloso y esa pareja es excelente!!!

Lacking Productivity said...

I always put as many full-bleed spreads as possible on my layouts, I can't get enough of fact, I get all sorts of crap I'm supposed to put up on my walls at work now, and if it isn't full-bleed, I do the cutting to make it that way myself.

Silvia C said...

Beautiful. I love those two albums.

Jen said...

oh my freakin amazing!! you rock!!