Friday, January 15, 2010

Natalie and Ben. Engagements. Utah Wedding Photographer.


Natalie and Ben. Such troopers.

Natalie: "We want something outdoorsy. Like in the mountains."
Camila: "Awesome. But keep in mind that in the winter there's going to be snow everywhere."
Natalie: "It's okay. I know there's going to be snow but we really want the outdoorsy feel. Ben hunts and we love hiking and stuff together so we really want that mountain look. And where I come from they don't have mountains."
Camila: "Okay then! I'll find an awesome spot for you guys."

Natalie and Ben. They trusted me to find their perfect spot. Did I? I think so. But when I said snow, I don't think they imagined how much. I took that trust they gave me and marched them right out into snow WAIST HIGH for this first shot. Ya. Cold. And me, I was more than waist high for this first shot. Not gonna lie, the moment that I sank into the snow past my ribs I started to panic a little inside. Maybe more than a little. A whole lotta internal panic going on. Thought I was going to be stuck. But someone must have been watching over me because I made it out somehow. No helicopters had to fly in or anything like I thought they would. Thank goodness!

But they brought outfit changes so it was all good :-)

Sigh. I love love.

And they found ways to warm each other up.

Fun guys! Can't wait for the wedding in March!


Gena Susan said...

Camilla- These are gorgeous!

Silvia C said...

How beautiful! Sorry about your bad experience in the snow, but these pics turned out amazing!

Branches said...


Fred LeBlanc said...

Wow!! These are all so good!