Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night Night - Utah Wedding Photographer

Just got home from shooting Katie and Nick's engagements and this image caught my eye while I was uploading.
I'm going to bed right now but I'll post the rest of this session next week so stay tuned! :-)
Sleep tight!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down. 1/24/10 - 1/30/10

I had been sitting in Primary for about 15 minutes and was beginning to wonder why sweet little 4 year old Max had been staring at my feet for basically the entire 15 minutes with such a wierd look on his face. I was starting to worry. Finally, he looked up and said "Sister Binks, how come there's a hole in your shoes? I can see your toes?"

Me: "They are supposed to be that way. They are called peep toe shoes.

Max: "That's wierd."

I love you little Max.

This brings me to my THUMBS UP!

ALDO SHOES and the LEWITT shoe that arrived on my doorstep this week.

Make a shoe black, sparkly, super high heeled and top it with a bow and you have perfection for your feet. I smiled like a little kid on Christmas morning when I opened the shoe box and saw these puppies staring back at me. The make my feet look so much cuter than they really are. Thank you Madam Lewitts!

And for my Thumbs Down?
Commercials that are significantly louder than the programs they are supporting.

I have to admit that I haven't really seen an entire commercial break for a long time now. I tivo everything and watch it back later so I just skip the commercials (Hey, let's give a thumbs up to that while we're at it! Love skipping commercials!). But I did actually have the TV on during a commercial break this week and it reminded me that the commercials always seem to be a million notches louder than the actual program. Is that really necessary? Do I sound like an old lady? I do, don't I?
There you have it! If you want to thumbs up or down something in the comments I will high five you next time I see you!
XOXO- Camilla

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gear For Sale

I have a few pieces of equiptment that I will be selling. They are all in excellent condition.

Please send all inquiries to

LENSES (excellent condition, like new):
Canon 35-135mm f4-5.6 $100
sold***Canon 100-300mm f4.5-5.6 $250 ****sold

STUDIO LIGHTING KIT $1100 (excellent condition)
(All of these lighting pieces will be sold together as a kit only)

3 Strobes (Photogenic Power Lights. Two are 1500R's and one is a 1500SI)
2 eclipse umbrellas
1 large softbox (photoflex litedome 293)
3 Light Stands
2 Hard carrying cases to house all of the gear.

They will go on a first come first serve basis. Thanks!


I Heart Lunch

Earlier this week Sweetness and I were enjoying a delicious jar of baby food along with chunks of banana. We're so big!
We have a decent sized window in our kitchen that lets the most beautiful light through and I thought the she looked so cute all messy with the beautiful window light on her face. Doesn't she? Anyway, I couldn't resist busting out the camera for just a minute.
I treasure our lunches together so much. I know that soon enough she'll be big and I will miss these quiet little moments together. So I'm enjoying them now as much as I can.

Thanks for being mine. You, your sister, and your daddy are my everything. I heart you to heaven and back!! Love, mama.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two New Albums

I've been meaning to post some shots of these albums I got back in like October but things have been too craaaazy! This week has been a bit calmer than most though so I'm taking advantage.

So, this first album I LOVE! Photos cannot do the cover on this puppy one bit of justice. It needs to be seen first hand. It has a thick acrylic cover with a metallic print. OMGOSH!! It's so shimmery. In an amazing way! 12x18 inches means 12x36 inch spreads. Holy Cow! That's a massive album!

A few of my favorite layouts-

Here's the second album, also from Kyle and Makenzie's wedding.
This one has a textured plexiglass cover and is a 14x14 (so 14x28 inch spreads. Sweet!).
And a few of my fave spreads from this one:

I always throw in at least one full bleed spread. I love the look.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bye Bye Kiddie Kandids

Even though Kiddie Kandids wasn't the most creative or best place around, I still feel so bad for them and all of their employees.

You can find this same info on their site.

Kiddie Kandids Announces Closure
Sandy, Utah - January 10th 2010

Kiddie Kandids, a Sandy, Utah based chain of photography studios, has ceased operations, effective immediately. This shutdown occurred as the result of an abrupt and unforeseen loss of funding from its banks. Kiddie Kandids' operations have been particularily challenged by the economic climate over the past 18 monhts and its lenders have informed the company that they will no longer provide funding for Kiddie Kandids' immediate cash needs. Without continued funding, Kiddie Kandids was unable to meet its imminent financial obligations. We have exhausted all possible avenues for funding and have come to the end of the road. This is truly unfortunate in light of the great team of employees and the great customers that made Kiddie Kandids a leading national children's photography studio. It is our hope that if the assets are purchased out of bankruptcy that the buyer will consider hiring back many of our employess. In light of the unforeseen termination of funding by its lenders, Kiddie Kandids intends to file a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code in the coming days.

Prior to its closure, Kiddie Kandids was one of the nation's premier children's portrait studios, specializing in newborn, infant, toddler, and pre-school portrait photography. Founded in 1974, Kiddie Kandids grew from a single camera in a mall kiosk to a nationwide network of 184 hi-tech portrait studios. The majority of Kiddie Kandids' studios are located within Babies 'R' Us retail stores across the country.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down. 1/17/09-1/23/09.

Come back in time with me to earlier this week. I am at my endocrinologists office. I have one kid strapped to me in a baby bjorn. I'm holding the leash that's hooked to the other child. I have on a backpack full of stuff to show to the doctor and am also juggling a massive diaper bag. Dropping stuff left and right as I work my way up 2 flights of stairs. What my dear toddler? You'd rather be carried. Oh, okay. So now carrying my toddler as well as my 9 month old and all of our gear up the stairs. Why am I putting myself through this and paying a bagillion dollars to come see this doctor? Because the medicine she has me on is making me lose my hair and gain weight. Boo! All I need is for her to switch my prescription to the one that does not have weight gain and hair loss as side effects. I know what I want. I don't want more medicine, I just want the one that is natural and doesn't have side effects. Simple, right? Nope.

Endo: Let's just try this medicine again but this time we'll group it with a second medicine.

Me: How about no. I told you that it made made my hair fall out like crazy and I gained 11 pounds in 2 weeks!

Endo: There's no way that it was the medicine that made that happen. It doesn't do that.

Me: But it says so in the literature for that medication. Hair loss is written right there.

Endo: Well it won't this time.

So, I've been taking this medicine for a week now and do I feel better? No. Have I gained weight? Yes. Am I losing hair like crazy? Better believe it.

So this brings me to my first thumbs down
1- Doctors that won't listen.
2- Doctors that don't believe you.
Moving on...
1-Dole Frozen Pineapple Chunks (I know this is mango. I couldn't find the picture for the pineapple.)
By the time you bring them home from the store they'll be just thawed enough to pop right into your mouth. Ah man. They are soooo good! Smoothie them up, put them on yogurt, or just pop them right in your mouth like candy. You will love them! Give them a shot and tell me how you like to eat them!
2- Babies falling asleep in your arms. Priceless.
3- My hubbie. I've been extra tired lately due to my little medical issue and my sweetheart has been holding down the fort a lot lately while I take a nap. He's the best. (Sigh) I love him!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Natalie and Ben. Engagements. Utah Wedding Photographer.


Natalie and Ben. Such troopers.

Natalie: "We want something outdoorsy. Like in the mountains."
Camila: "Awesome. But keep in mind that in the winter there's going to be snow everywhere."
Natalie: "It's okay. I know there's going to be snow but we really want the outdoorsy feel. Ben hunts and we love hiking and stuff together so we really want that mountain look. And where I come from they don't have mountains."
Camila: "Okay then! I'll find an awesome spot for you guys."

Natalie and Ben. They trusted me to find their perfect spot. Did I? I think so. But when I said snow, I don't think they imagined how much. I took that trust they gave me and marched them right out into snow WAIST HIGH for this first shot. Ya. Cold. And me, I was more than waist high for this first shot. Not gonna lie, the moment that I sank into the snow past my ribs I started to panic a little inside. Maybe more than a little. A whole lotta internal panic going on. Thought I was going to be stuck. But someone must have been watching over me because I made it out somehow. No helicopters had to fly in or anything like I thought they would. Thank goodness!

But they brought outfit changes so it was all good :-)

Sigh. I love love.

And they found ways to warm each other up.

Fun guys! Can't wait for the wedding in March!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer. Brittney and Eric.

To a couple that's as sweet, happy and kind as they come: Congratulations! You deserve this happiness. I was honored to get to be a part of your day.

Not just twins. Triplets. Eric is a triplet. It's true. How awesome is that? And I only called the wrong brother "Eric" once. Just once. Not bad. Eric is the one on the right in the red vest.