Saturday, December 26, 2009

WEDDING TIP #2. Utah Wedding Photographer.

Have you ever walked into a reception hall that was lit somewhat like this?

That really blows. Beyond boring. Right? Right.
Now look at the same reception hall with some UH FREAKING MAZING lighting:

(photos by KC GUNN and lighting by PRESTIGE LIGHTING)
I would say that's quite a difference.'s tip ladies and gentleman is all about LIGHTING for your reception. Yay!
Not only will your guests walk in and be smacked with that HOLY COW feeling but they will leave REMEMBERING your reception. AND, your reception photos will be SO much more beautiful and interesting than they would be without the awesome lighting. Just something to think about. ;)
Here are a few great lighting setups I came across a while back on

(photo by click photo company)
(La Cour)

(photo by d jones photography)

(david beahm design)

(joanna wilson photography)

(joanna wilson photography)

(josh and joseph photography)

(keith pitts photography)

(kristin spencer photography)

(laura novak photography)

(kristin vining photography)

(robin proctor photography)

(perez photography)


Maria said... makes an amazing difference!

Kimber said...

Who knew? It's true that in Utah especially that lighting is something that we tend to neglect a bit. I think we should make room for it in our budget for sure, but AFTER photography. ;-)