Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Albums. Cover Materials and Great Ideas. Utah Wedding Photographer.

Flush Mount Album cover materials.

These are different than the materials in the last post. Those are for family albums, sign in books, etc. These are for the Flush Mount albums that come with the Popular and Ultimate wedding packages or for parent wedding albums.

Aren't those awesome! You can mix and match those materials or just go with one. Whatever floats your boat.
Here are some examples of the upgraded covers:
This is a metallic cover. You can go straight up metal or with an image on metal with a protective coating. Both awesome.
This is similar to the metallic cover but the highlights are blown out to reveal the metal underneath.

This one is all it's own. Unique and amazing!

Simple and stunning canvas wrap cover. Gloss or metallic finish.

Glass Covers. You can go with a muted plexiglass like this one below or a smooth, dark, bronzy glass that just allows a hint of the image underneath to peek through. Love this!
This specific album is a 20x8. What a unique size. It's great!

This is an example of a leather with no cutouts.

And with some cutouts:

So many options. It's hard to choose, I know. But not every cover will look great with every image. This is something we can go over when you are ordering your album.
Happy album dreams.
xoxo -Camilla


Jones' said...

I don't quiet understand, do you offer all of these options for your wedding albums? I use They are local to Utah and have a great simple approach to albums.

Camilla Binks said...

Yes, these are all options! :-)

Courtney N. said...

I don't get how this could be confusing for anyone.

Anyway, Camilla I know which one I want for my album. Should I just call you. Would that be easier?

Thanks so much! I am so excited!! It's going to be something we are going to have forever and look at all the time. So worth it I think.