Monday, November 30, 2009

Jen and McKenna. Utah Family Photographer.

This is the first time in a long time that Jen and McKenna have had their pictures taken. They were finally ready to take that step and get some pictures to put up in their home. I'm so glad.

I was able to convice this little sweetie that Swiper from Dora the Explorer lives in my neighborhood. We were having that conversation when I took this photo:

Thanks so much you guys! And thanks for bringing all of the awesome clothes and accesories! I LOVED hanging out with you two ladies. Now that we broke that no pictures streak let's make sure you don't go long without again! Especially since you look so good in photos!


Sandy said...

These are so cute! you never cease to amaze us Camilla!

Silvia C said...

Wow...the light in this pictures is amazing. You are the Rembrandt of photography.

Charity Griffin said...

Funky. I like your pink ottoman! The one of the little girl laying across it is so pretty! Good job Camilla!