Saturday, October 17, 2009

Magelby. Utah Family Photographer.

I'll start with my favorite from the day.
Don't you want to pick her up and squeeze her?!

This family has got some style for sure! Even the babe.

Super beautiful people-

You guys were so awesome to work with! I hope your chaise lounge made it out of the rain okay! Oh and PS, can you even tell that it was raining in these pictures?! I don't think anyone would ever guess!
Thanks for braving it! You look awesome!


Dayna said...

love love love them!!!! i can't wait to see the rest. seriously i'm obsessing. can't believe how amazing jayne photographed- looking at the camera so perfectly! yay! you are amazing. i'm so thrilled.

ps. our name is so tricky to spell. don't worry everyone gets it wrong pretty much all the time. but its Magleby (L before the E).

Juliann said...

What a beautiful family! Great pictures, as usual, Camilla! Can't get over that gorgeous baby girl.