Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hawaii Wedding Photographer. Kyle and Makenzie Wedding. Trash The Dress. do I start this post? This is really difficult because there is so much I could say. I could write for an hour about how much I LOVED Kyle and Kenz, I LOVED shooting somewhere new, I LOVED that Mike was with me, I LOVED the sunset, I LOVED that the water was warm, and MAN, I just LOVED this beach! I wish I were here:

Even with all the beautiful beach shots, I still think that this is my favorite image from the day:

And, yes, I even followed them into the pool afterwards. I'm like a leech.

Coming soon: Kyle and Makenzie's Kona Temple Wedding and ring ceremony.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Utah Wedding Photographer. Makenzie Bridal

Isn't she beautiful?!

We never actually made it to the location we originally had planned on, but I'm kind of glad. I think this place was perfect!

Right after the moon peeked out and we took this last shot is when we realized that our driver (Makenzie's wonderful and super cute mom) had accidentally left the lights on and the car battery was dead. We were stuck out in the middle of nowhere (seriously nowhere) for a couple of hours while her sweet guy drove over to give us a jump so we could drive back. It was pretty funny!
Like I said, if I was going to be stuck in a car with anyone, I'm super glad that it was with the two of you ladies! Girl talk with you made those hours fly by. Thanks guys!

More To Come.....