Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah Wedding Photographer. Brian + Jamie. Engagements.

Great sky + sexy couple = AMAZINGNESS!

I know I took a similar shot recently at this same spot, but they had these awesome sunglasses that were screaming at me to just snap it, so I did. I'm glad.

We were walking around a scary part of town and passed by this shopping cart. I'm proud of Jamie for getting in because everything there was so nasty. It was even her idea. I hope you don't get hepatitis!

I love reflections!

I know for sure that Brian is going to hate me for posting this one. I told them to have a "moment" but Brian couldn't stop laughing. He finally composed himself and gave me this. I think it's sexy.

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ann-marie said...

yeah!!! It's so fun to see these!
we love Brian and Jamie and it's fun to see this side of them!
these pictures are amazing, love the shopping cart one and the alley! FABULOUS!!!