Saturday, July 25, 2009

More to Come...

Utah Family Photographer. Baby Lexi.

Lexi's parents already know her so well. Every time she would start crying they would bust out their cell phone and play "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and she would immediately stop. It was the cutest thing.

I normally don't keep a whole lot of the crying pictures, but this one was so cute! Look at her little pout. It breaks my heart!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Sundays

There's this cute little field that is less than a block away from my house and since we have lots of awesome, relaxing family time on Sundays, we thought we'd stop by there and snap a quick pic or two of our girlies. They're getting so big! And they look so much like their daddy! I couldn't be happier about that.

If that isn't the world's largest beer belly....

Blessed with her daddy's eyes:

This picture is so her. Just happy all of the time! Well...almost.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Utah Family Photographer. Sweet Baby Gessel.

Just took these about an hour ago and just happened to see this one while I was downloading them and I couldn't resist stopping to post it really quick.
What a sweet baby. I already miss mine being that little and she's barely 3 months old.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah Wedding Photographer. Brian + Jamie. Engagements.

Great sky + sexy couple = AMAZINGNESS!

I know I took a similar shot recently at this same spot, but they had these awesome sunglasses that were screaming at me to just snap it, so I did. I'm glad.

We were walking around a scary part of town and passed by this shopping cart. I'm proud of Jamie for getting in because everything there was so nasty. It was even her idea. I hope you don't get hepatitis!

I love reflections!

I know for sure that Brian is going to hate me for posting this one. I told them to have a "moment" but Brian couldn't stop laughing. He finally composed himself and gave me this. I think it's sexy.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 de Julio

Today is 9 de Julio (Argentina's Independence Day!) So I thought it would be appropriate to blog about some of my favorite things about my motherland.
Hoy es el Día de la Independencia en Argentina. Así que me pareciónuna buena idea poner algo de Argentina en mi blog y algunas de las cosas favoritas de mi tierra querida.

(Warning: If you've never been to Argentina this post may be extremely boring to you!)
(Advertencia: si nunca has estado en Argentina tal vez esto te aburra completamente).

Note: My mom took most of these pictures during our last trip down there. Thanks mom!
Nota: Mi mamá sacó la mayoría de estas fotos durante nuestro último viaje. Gracias mamá!

Things that I love about Argentina that you don't really see in the States:
Cosas que no puedo encontrar en los Estados Unidos y que me encantan acerca de Argentina:

14- That very specific humidity smell
El olor específico a humedad

13- Havanna brand alfajores
Los alfajores Havana

And those triangle things in the back of the picture are the absolute best things ever!

12- That the streets downtown are always so busy
El hecho que las calles de la capital están siempre llenas de gente

11Las plazas

10- El tango

9- Mate. The Taragui Brand. (I drink it unsweetened, that's the hardcore way ;-). And that everyone there has mate breath. And the fact that even when it's a bagillion degrees outside and everyone is sweating you'll still find them out there with their thermos full of boiling hot water sipping away on their mate. (PS, I buy this mate in Orem at the Super Hispano on Center Street. They have like every kind!) And I love that when people come to my house that have never heard of mate they think that we're druggie hippies or something.
La yerba mate Taragui de allí y el aliento que queda después de tomar mate (bueno, uno puede encontrar la yerba mate en Orem en un lugar llamado Super Hispano, pero nó el aliento a mate que tienen los argentinos!) Y me encanta que cuando el tiempo está super caluroso, la gente aún está afuera sentada en los parques o el frente de su casa con termos de agua caliente tomando mate)

8-I love that every person has one of these in their backyard. The first two pictures are from my grandparents house and the last one is from my uncles house.
El hecho que todos tienen estas casa: (esto está la casa de una de mis abuelos, mi otra abuela y mi tio):

7- The meat
Un patio, carne para asado

6- This amazing kind of Dulce De Leche ice cream. They have ice cream places everywhere.
helado granizado de dulce de leche

5- The architecture
La arquitectura

4-These dang birds everywhere. (I'm pregnant in this picture hence the stretch pants. Love me some "estretchy" pants!) ;-)
Esos pájaros por todos lados! Estaba embarazada, por eso los tengo los pantalones que se estiran

The Japanese Gardens. When I was 3 years old I accidentally fell over the edge into the water here and I thought these ginormous fish were going to eat me. Scary!
El Jardín Japones ( me caí en el agua aquí cuando tenía 3 años de edad y pensé que los peces me iban a comer!!)

3- The buses and that they always drive off when there are people still hanging off of the bus. People there drive crazy! I fear for my life.
Los colectivos el hecho de que comienzan a moverse cuando la gente todavía está a medio subir. La gente maneja como loca!

2-That in a way, Argentina brought Mike and I together. (I had to post this embarrasing picture of us. I've been waiting for the perfect moment to present itself and here it is!)
El hecho de que Argentina hizo posible que mi esposo y yo nos conociéramos.

The pato. Should've made that it's own bullet point.

But the absolute best thing about Argentina:
Pero la cosa que amo más de Argentina:

1- My family
Mi familia

I love my grandmother so so much! Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?!
Amo a mi abuela tanto! No creo que ella comprene cúanto.

And this is my grandfather. He is incredible!
Este es mi abuelo. El hombre más increíble del mundo!

And my super lovely comedian of an aunt. She is also incredible! We actually named our daughter after her and my grandmother.
Y mi super hermosa y super divertida y también increíble tía.

WARNING! This next part is super mushy and really just intended for my grandparents since I know they check my blog super often.
ADVERTENCIA: Material Super dulce viene ahora. Si usted no es mis abuelos usted tal vez vomite mirando esta parte: Sé que ellos siempre ven mi blog así que quería decir: Muchísimas gracias por ser de la manera que son y por siempre querernos y por mantenerse en contacto con nosotros. Pienso en ustedes todo el tiempo y espero que todo esté bien con ustedes. Estoy tan orgullosa de estar en su familia! Qué suerte que te nunca tuve dudas de cuánto ustedes me quieren. Lo he sabido siempre.