Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy's Girl.

Looks like a little CEO in this first one doesn't she

Ugh! I wish I had a scanner that worked right now so I could upload this picture of my husband when he was a baby and put it side by side with these of my little girl. These two are IDENTICAL! It's insane! I love their faces! Hard not to kiss them all of the time!


Susana said...

Que hermosa que es esta nena!!!!! si estaria cerca la besaria todo el tiempo..super una cosita...Besos Tia Susana

Juliann said...

SOOO beautiful, Camilla! My goodness. Yes, she is definitely her daddy's girl! You have done some amazing work lately. You are so talented!

ann-marie said...

the last one is EXACTLT mike-
with a headband!!
darling pictures ;)

Silvia Carvalho said...

You are the Rembrandt of photography. Fabulous job. Jade is breathtakingly beautiful. Those eyes are captivating!