Monday, February 2, 2009

Utah Wedding Photographer. Matt and Beth Wedding Day

This may have been the coldest wedding I have ever shot. Seriously. Bitter cold. But the nice thing about winter weddings is how white and beautiful everything looks. I love it!
Matt and Beth, you're wedding was so beautiful! I love you guys so much!


ann-marie said...

yeah!!!! so fun to see these!
they are so awesome!!
You have such a great talent!
fabulous pictures of beautiful people!!

Anonymous said...

From your Maryland 2nd? cousins you don't even know. Your grandfather's mother and my father were brother and sister. (Got that?) Ask your mother.

Much health and happiness for many,many years to both of you. We're celebrating our 53rd Anniversary in Sept.

Love the boots!

Pat Biegler Yardley

Marc and Jen Lindley said...

These are insanely gorgeous!!! love them.

Mandy said...

Hi you dont know me but I am a friend of Julie and Jared Burrs and ran across your photography website and your pictures are amazing. I was wondering If you knew Bethany Carlson (not sure what her last name would be now)personally, she is a friend of mine from long ago and I have lost touch with her and would love to get a hold of her. My email is Sorry if I sound totally creepy, you can ask her if she remembers a Mandy Archibald. Thanks so much