Monday, November 24, 2008

Dustin and Kristin. Engagments. Utah Wedding Photographer.

So I know I should probably narrow my posts down to 10 or less images but I seriously struggle as you can tell by this post with 20 images. I can't help myself! I loved this shoot! Kristin is so stunning with her bright red hair and amazing eyes. I can't wait for bridals!
Dustin and Kristin, you guys were so much fun! Thanks for an awesome shoot!

I love this first series against the white background. Check it out:


Marc & Jen said...

Oh my heck Camilla these are gorgeous!! I don't know how you find these places to shoot at its really cool. I'm sure kristin is thrilled and well I'm just jealous!

Silvia Carvalho said...

Beautiful pics! Very unique. Love them!