Sunday, June 22, 2008

Juliann. Utah Fashion Photographer.

I'm so glad I had a chance to meet Juliann. We had a great time walking around and talking and we even were able to wrap it up before it got to hot, thank goodness! I can't believe she's a mother of two. What a beautiful woman!


Kira Joy said...


Um... and I think Mary Potter moved when we were in like 8th grade or something...but she made 7th grade seem like it lasted forever! But I'm over it I was totally prettier than it's cool (hee hee ;D).

Brooke said...

these are so beautiful! love them!!!! bravo! so forever ago I saw your prego pics on three winks blog and must of saved your link in my favs.....dont laugh at me but I love stacy and clinton and when I saw your pics I recognized you! IM not lying when I say your my favorite episode ever! your sooooo beautiful! anyways Im not some werido I swear I was just going through my favs and didnt remember put it in anyways keep up the great work. :)